Infinitii Review – Turn 1 into 10 over and over

Infinitii is a clever method that shows you how to turn a buck into ten bucks over and over again using a unique viral trick. And their proof is from as recent as a week or two ago.

However, the one downside is they do this with a small amount of Paid traffic… so I decided to fix that with my bonuses… you won't need to pay for ANY traffic at all… but more on that in second.

It requires no technical skills, no shopify, no start up, no investment and gets real results.. In their case study they brought 355/day in 7 days.

It stands out because of how newbie friendly it is, how reliable it is due to the little trick they use, and how well this works. They even include a plugin, which will save you even more moolah by letting you do it with a simple wordpress plugin.

And… with my added traffic bonuses, one that shows 700k visitors in 30 days for nothing, I'll have the traffic covered for you which solved the “paid traffic” problem all together. But more on that in a bit…

Watch my in-depth Infinitii Review & See How to Bring in $1500 in 1 week:

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Rating:  Certified Legit, but the case study could be better. Thankfully, the case study is SEPARATE from the training.

Cost: $12.95.

Included in Front End:

  • Infinitii Video Training AND Separate Case Study
  • Cost Saving Plugin (so no needing shopify)
  • Quick Start Checklist (for more advanced marketers)
  • FB Collective Community
  • My 700k free traffic in 30 days bonus + Four other bonuses… keep reading to find out more

The reason this is beneficial, is because of its simplicity and the trick that requires no testing and always gives you winning profitable campaigns. Insuring you don't waste any time. And considering that you can do this in 30 to 60 mins a day without having to test, it makes this extremely newbie friendly and a way that anyone can get started making online without needing all the background skills like copywriting, sales, viral marketing, and other skills that take years to learn. And since they save you money and it has a low start up cost w/ my bonuses, this course has now become a big win win. 

Read my opinion on the OTOs below, or skip to the list of bonuses at the bottom.

OTO 1 – Done For You:OTO 1 is really solid. They show you how to find campaigns that are already converting in the front end, but if you want the DFY templates, images, graphics, and campaigns handed to you on a platter so you can just plug them in and hit go, then this is the one for you. It delivers and it is worth the $37 price tag.

OTO 2 – Business in a Box:This OTO is pretty awesome because they will build a complete store with campaigns loaded in for you. Now, it's easy to build one yourself tho it does require a tiny bit of effort to build one using their plugin… however I know some people just wanna skip the headache and have everything they need. In this case, this one would be good for you, but it comes at a 197 price tag. Which, if i'm being honest, is pretty cheap considering every time you register a new domain people call you up and offer to build your website for more than double that. AND… this leaves you w/ everything you need to just hit “go”

OTO 3 – Automation Pack:This is actually my favorite OTO of the bunch because most people either don't know how or never grasp how to do this. But what this does is show you how to automate the ENTIRE process so it can run just in the background while you focus on other aspects of your business. However, they realize that no one teaches this kind of thing ever… so they are asking for $77 but it's worth it if this is what you're into.

OTO 4 – Resale Rights: This is self explanatory. It doesn't tie into the method at all but you can sell this if you have a place to. You'll know if it's right for you at 97.

To Recap:OTO 1 and 3 are my favorite. OTO 2 is good if it's right for you as well, and OTO 4 you'll know if it's right for you.

My bonuses are designed to remove the “paid traffic” portion of this course ENTIRELY.

Special Bonus Pack:

  1. 700k free visitors in 30 days case study… this ties in perfectly w/ the method and you can use the traffic and not have to spend money on paid traffic.
  2. Piggy Back Traffic – Again, a complete separate method for free traffic which will completely remove the need for PPC in this method.
  3. Quantum Profit Traffic – This is an actual course that will show you how get even MORE free traffic. So this is now the 3rd free traffic course included…
  4. Special “Social Commerce” plugin that will make it much easier to get sales thanks to the free viral trick and social traffic bonuses
  5. 3 Step Profit Machines – A way to make $100 a day for free so you can make the profits to invest on paid traffic if you wish.

The course itself also comes with two additional built in bonuses which are discussed in the video above.

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Questions? Concerns? Comment below I'm here to serve. Love ya'll!