DFY Buyer’s Email List – Only 20 Spots!

You hear it all the time. The money is in the list. However, building a list is a whole OTHER story. And unless you have countless hours to spend learning the tricks, and how to do it, or unless you have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on paid ads… then it becomes out

Infinitii Review – Turn 1 into 10 over and over

Infinitii is a clever method that shows you how to turn a buck into ten bucks over and over again using a unique viral trick. And their proof is from as recent as a week or two ago. However, the one downside is they do this with a small amount of Paid traffic… so I

Auto Profit System Review

Auto Profit System is a software and case study combo. This is a fresh method that promises to make you up to 400 bucks a day AND build a list in the process all from free traffic, and even solo ads if you wish. It requires no technical skills, no website, no investment and gets

Honest Flipped Review

Normally, my reviews are much more in depth and contain writing about all of the product, my thoughts, a score, and even my thoughts on the OTO. But since my last site got taken down, I wasn't able to save that information. And because this product has already launched, it's not worth rewriting. However, I

From Abused Child to Business Man… My Life Story.

One of the most freeing things I've ever done is tell people my life story, and that's all of it… even the bad stuff. And the reason I do that is because it keeps me honest, it keeps me humble, and it keeps me free. Because when you own your mistakes and admit them and

How to Be Happy

One of the biggest lessons I've had to learn was that: “Life's not fair, get over it.” It's very easy to get stuck in a place of being the victim. Maybe someone screwed you over in a business deal, maybe someone backed into your car and didn't leave a note… or maybe your whole life

What the heck happened?

As many of you may remember, I used to run the blog Soulweb. It was one of the most reputable brands in the online marketing space and was active for over 5 years. It was a HUGE passion of mine because I helped drive integrity into the internet marketing space, which was sorely needed. This